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WebShot allows you to take screenshots of web pages and save them as full sized images or thumbnails. Screenshots images can be output in the JPG, GIF, PNG, or BMP formats. WebShot comes with both a command line interface and a DLL that will allow you to embed screenshot generation technology in your own applications.

What's New
Latest Version - June 21st, 2013

Added /processes command line parameter
Fixed valid characters being removed from filenames
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Automatic determination of page width and height that captures the whole page accurately. Frame dimensions are determined and calculated on pages that have them.
Browser size specification allows you to capture the whole page or part of it
Image thumbnailing reduces the final capture image easily
Timeouts allow you to wait for activex controls to load before capturing
Image encoding to JPG, GIF, PNG, and BMP with image quality control to save on disk space
CSV output allows you to easily parse the results of a screenshot capture operation
CSV output of page title, meta keywords, and description helps you parse the most important information from  a page
Use within your own applications using the dll and example source code
Blocks most popups (javascript popups, script dialogs, injected via wmp popups, etc)
Multiple threads allow you to quickly capture more screenshots without running multiple processes
Custom user agents allow you to view a web page that might be served to other browsers
Easily delete all of Internet Explorer's cache, so your hard drive doesn't get full
Configure custom HTTP post strings and HTTP authentication credentials
Configurable message box popup automation to automatically deal with message boxes that Internet Explorer might throw
Higher quality color quantized gif images produce better screenshots with less disk space
Take multiple image captures several seconds apart on each url
Support for chromium

Sample Output

Slashdot Club977 CNet Gizmodo

Minimum Requirements

Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP (7 or 2008 Recommended)
Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or higher (9 Recommended)
Memory: 1GB



Download WebShot